Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The new beginning!

Hey I'm about as happy as a pig in mud right now!!
I start a new job on monday training to be a bus driver.
Me and big wheels with diesel engines!!
I cannot wait, after nearly 2 years at a grey desk in a greyish office(and I'm being serious here, it's not a metaphor at all!) I get to go out every day to see the city sights, (over and over again at times I guess) and help serve the local community. How great is that?!
I'll tell more when I know more as I do more.


David said...

There are those who will tell you the best part of being a bus driver is pay day. This isn't true. It's a great job, the big thing to remenber is don't let the sods grind you down and I am talking about managers, controllers and some other bus drivers here. The passengers are really nice people, well most of them anyway.

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

Hey dude was that you who spoke to me on the 6 yesterday?

I hope it all goes well. You won`t do any actual driving til Wednesday but on Monday you will probably get lunch free, either at the depot or at Otello`s Italian Restaurant which is awesome.
Let us all know how you get on

I want to be a human being not a human doing said...

Hi Brighton Bus Driver.

Yes, it was me who spoke to you on the 6. Thanks for the comment, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

blighton grove said...

goo luck mate,you will need it.it is a great job i enjoy it very much,but thicken that skin you shall.

Jacko! said...

Good Luck Sir :-)