Wednesday, 29 August 2007

One down. One to go!!!

I passed my theory and hazard perception test this morning.
One test down, and only the driving test to go. (thanks for the hints Alex!)
Thankfully that is still a few weeks away. It is amazing what a weight is off my shoulders now that is done. I thought it was straight forward, because I knew what was in store for me, but there comes a point where human nature kicks in and a slight panic sneaks over you and you think: "what if I fail?" I just tried to shrug it off and keep going. It paid off, and I scored well.
Now all that is left is to stop thinking small while driving, I mean small as in driving a car small. It's time to wrap my mind around a 30 and 40 foot machine and drive well.
I might be found when not in a training bus sitting above the driver in a double decker pretend driving.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Open toppers.

I love variety.
I enjoy being able to sample different things at different times.
New experiences to me mean I have learnt something about life.

Today I had my first real proper trip as a passenger on an open topper to Devils Dyke. (route 77)
What a different kettle of fish to a tin top!

Sunshine, nice breeze, great scenery and a brilliant picnic. I think it's my favourite route. And the two open toppers are great fun to be on too. After rubbernecking the country side for a few minutes I strated thinking along the difference in handling this bus must have to a tin top and a single decker. All I can say is that I will patiently wait until my turn comes round. I'm sure it will...

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My first bus drive.

I drove my first bus today.
What impressed me most was that I didn't do half as bad as I thought I would do.
My instructor complimented me too, which is a good sign I reckon.
What a load of fun.
It's all theory until next week Wednesday for the test.!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

A great and fond farewell.

And so last night the folks from the office all came together for a night out to say farewell and celebrate me moving on. It was great, they're a brilliant bunch of people.(we represented 8 different countries from 3 continents as a group!)
I will miss working with them, but I look forward to taking them to work at some point in time. I always used to say,
"See you on the bus!" as we all finished in the office hoping we would reach the bus stop at the same time and catch the same bus home. Now it kinda turns and means I'll pick them up and take them home. What fun turns life can take at times.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The new beginning!

Hey I'm about as happy as a pig in mud right now!!
I start a new job on monday training to be a bus driver.
Me and big wheels with diesel engines!!
I cannot wait, after nearly 2 years at a grey desk in a greyish office(and I'm being serious here, it's not a metaphor at all!) I get to go out every day to see the city sights, (over and over again at times I guess) and help serve the local community. How great is that?!
I'll tell more when I know more as I do more.