Wednesday, 29 August 2007

One down. One to go!!!

I passed my theory and hazard perception test this morning.
One test down, and only the driving test to go. (thanks for the hints Alex!)
Thankfully that is still a few weeks away. It is amazing what a weight is off my shoulders now that is done. I thought it was straight forward, because I knew what was in store for me, but there comes a point where human nature kicks in and a slight panic sneaks over you and you think: "what if I fail?" I just tried to shrug it off and keep going. It paid off, and I scored well.
Now all that is left is to stop thinking small while driving, I mean small as in driving a car small. It's time to wrap my mind around a 30 and 40 foot machine and drive well.
I might be found when not in a training bus sitting above the driver in a double decker pretend driving.


The Brighton Bus Driver said...

Well done dude!
Now just the practical to do. I saw you guys in T2 yesterday near Rock Gardens. You`ll be going onto the Volvo, either T3 or T4 in the next few days. Everything Alison says about mirrors is even more important with those cos of the tailswing. Basically if you check one mirror then check the other at the same time cos it means you`re taking all round observation. You`ll be fine though, they are nice buses to drive.

Jacko! said...

Were you on T3 In the Patcham Area today? around 11:00ish? Saw it looking Very Unique!

I want to be a human being not a human doing said...

Thanks for your comments. I am still in training, and it is progressing well, but I have yet to be trained on the volvo's.