Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Onwards.... to supper!

Work is great, I can say I am one of few people who wake up happy to go to work.
But there is one thing that makes me a bit happier than that;
coming home and cooking for my wife!
Here is a recipe(I use the word very very loosely as I am no proper chef by far!) that I concocted a few days ago that was real quick, real easy and went down really well.(ie it made me look really good. Points scored!)
Basically it was pasta, I had a bag of that twirly pasta and I used enough for two people.
This I just boiled up until it was soft. But while this was going on I cut up half a pack of cooking bacon(odd bits) into smallish chunks, like peanut size. I fried the bacon until I could see it just about getting light brown marks where it touched the pan. I then fried, in a different pan, a good number of handfuls, nearly equal to the pasta, of stir fry vegetables I bought ready to cook. This was a "value" brand but had red onions, peppers, bean sprouts, mushrooms and a few other bits in. I also used "instant" cheese sauce granules to whip up a coffee mug full of cheese sauce. I chucked everything into one huge pot and stirred well. It took me a little over 30 minutes and tasted fantastic. If it suits your fancy, try it, it is easy and tasty.
I now got to work on tonights supper, toasted sarnies I think... I'm not feeling up to working the stove tonight.

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