Sunday, 3 February 2008

All new year, all new...

What a whirlwind the last six weeks have been...

From a point of planning a holiday abroad, to going abroad, and then returning almost feeling like a new person, with a whole new outlook on life. It's been a bit of a mind job.

After returning back to my point of origin, so to speak, I learnt that I have grown up. In the last two and a half years I have gone from being a school boy in a grown-up world to actually being a grown up. I admit that I am still learning a hell of a lot every day, about myself and the world as a whole, but I am not scared. Not me, not this man.

And I also learnt that people out there in the world can be as evil as hell itself towards me, and I can still stand up straight and proud. I am not responsible for other peoples actions or reactions.

I have in a manner of speaking rebuilt myself, and for me and my wife there is no more looking back.

Only the future knows what will happen and how we'll deal with it all, but I feel ready.

As for the little things in life, I love the new flat we've moved into, the views, the space, the light.
I have planted more herb seeds, and these little buggers are growing like crazy things. I smell fragrant success coming with them, all sorts of pastas and things are heading their way in a few weeks time. I've graduated myself to trying to germinate an avocado pip. I have a plan for exercises that feels like it will work for me. I also look forward to begin sea fishing when the weather warms up a bit.

And I love my buses. After a few months with the metal beasties I feel a definite soft spot for them. I am a happy man at work, more happy than most I think, and I enjoy meeting all the people I take around the city all day. I have also found a few buses in the fleet that I enjoy a bit more than others when I get the chance to drive them. Everything just feels so right about them that it just feels effortless. And I am getting to learn two new routes in the next few weeks, which is always a nice thing to do. Variety is the spice of life, and driving through different parts of town is too.

I leave you with a laugh: