Sunday, 23 September 2007

I'm a bus driver!

Guess who passed his driving test?
I'm sorry if I kept anyone waiting for news, but I decided to spend some quality time with the wife smiling at each other and holding hands.
I did pass my driving test on Friday, and it was a great feeling of accomplishment.
It's all go from here. Upwards and onwards, more forwards please!
I've been thinking since then that after a couple of years of turmoil, and my recent decision to just take control of circumstances and make a way forward for my family, I am actually getting somewhere. The feeling of overcoming the odds is a beautiful feeling.
I have dreamt of making it just one step up the ladder of life and I have made it. It might look like a little step, but in the scheme of things, it's huge. It's picking me up of the floor after being knocked down and saying, "If that's your best shot, I'm still standing".


The Brighton Bus Driver said...

Well done! You`re one of us now. You`ll be on a double decker today. Just watch out for trees and lamp posts. Also you`ll notice it lean a lot more. You`ll al so have your uniform soon, plus all your driver equipment.

Did anything funny happen to the support vehicle? When I took mine we had T1 as support, the next week`s load of test candidates were driving, and T1 broke down (threw its alternator off) and we got stranded in Beddingham. Then the bus we got rescued by conked out at Lewes Road gyratory. Fun and games but we did find it amusing

Jacko! said...

Well Done matie, By the way i am not a driver , just a Enthusiast :) good luck with it.

The Muller said...

Congratulations. Onward and upwards!

Do you have any incidents from your training that you may want to share with your fanclub?

I want to be a human being not a human doing said...

Thank you everyone.
I appreciate the support.
tBBD: Thanks for the tips, it is true: the learning curve continues and it's all good! I can't say that anything funny happened, it was a sunny day and it was great. I actually enjoyed the test.
jacko!: You're not a driver I know, but my guess is that you probably will be.
the muller: I do not have any incidents that I can recall, the training was brilliant. Intensive, fun, thorough, and thankfully free of any incidents.

The Muller said...

Thanks for the feedback, IWTBAHBNAHD (hope I got that right). I hope you didn't think I was looking for any crash! bang! wallop! stories.

As a car driver and part time cyclist I would be interested to hear how you adapted to things like the different perspective; how it felt when you first had to drive in heavy traffic; etc.

There is little point asking the "old sweats" to describe these things, as it will all be tucked away deeply in their sub-conscious brain(s) by now, and the learning experience will have been long forgotten. But, if you don't feel you can share, or cannot spare the time, I'll understand and not pester you ~ and I will continue to read your blog.


leebus said...

well done sunshine,now get ready for the hard part,becoming a bus driver,everyone has their own way of dealing with it,the sooner you find that the better it will be for you, if you are trained by Chris then be prepared for inpatience,if it's Pete then get ready for boredom.

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

That`s excellent! BTW I was at Lewes Road today with 675, one of the newest buses in the fleet, I drove it over from Conway. I didn`t stick around for long though

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

Hey dude. How did the type training go? Have you come to Conway yet, and what shifts are you on? I`ll see you soon