Sunday, 26 August 2007

Open toppers.

I love variety.
I enjoy being able to sample different things at different times.
New experiences to me mean I have learnt something about life.

Today I had my first real proper trip as a passenger on an open topper to Devils Dyke. (route 77)
What a different kettle of fish to a tin top!

Sunshine, nice breeze, great scenery and a brilliant picnic. I think it's my favourite route. And the two open toppers are great fun to be on too. After rubbernecking the country side for a few minutes I strated thinking along the difference in handling this bus must have to a tin top and a single decker. All I can say is that I will patiently wait until my turn comes round. I'm sure it will...


Jacko! said...

Good Luck To you! Yes i do beleive it is a Nice route but as i were informed by one of the Controllers in X-ray he said that the 77's always run late :( (This was July 06 !) plus i think it only gets a 2/3 min lay - over but good news for you as it operates out of Conway Street i beleive!

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

I drove it last Sunday. Scania 617 first half (a convertible!) and a Metro 5 liveried Trident the second. Yes it ran late sometimes too, but I always managed to at least leave each end on time