Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My first bus drive.

I drove my first bus today.
What impressed me most was that I didn't do half as bad as I thought I would do.
My instructor complimented me too, which is a good sign I reckon.
What a load of fun.
It's all theory until next week Wednesday for the test.!!!


Jacko! said...

Wow is that how short a time it takes to gain a PCV Lisence? well i guess the comapny are eager to get you out onto the road as they are paying for training heh.

I want to be a human being not a human doing said...

Hi Jacko! I just reread my post, it sounds a bit ambiguous.
The process is number of weeks(6-8), but next week is my theory and hazard perception test(hence the focus on that for now). Yesterday was just a driving pratice in one of the yellow Dennis Dart training buses.

leebus said...

hello chap,good luck,don't try too hard with the hazzard perception as you can get worse as you practice,by the way,once you have learnt to drive a bus you have to learn to become a bus driver and that's just the beginning.Who is instructing you by the way,Bernie,or Anita or Darren?

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

I think I saw you with Alison when you came round our garage. You`ll only be in the yellow Darts for about a week then you`ll go onto the longer Volvos T3 and T4 (which is the type I was driving when you got on my bus btw). They`ll make T1 and T2 seem like a go-kart, and you`ll also take your test in one of them. Make sure you keep watching those mirrors and don`t hit too many kerbs and you`ll be fine

I want to be a human being not a human doing said...

Thanks for the comments Leebus and BBD. Yep, it was me at Conway street with my two fellow trainees. Myself and one of the other chaps have been allocated to Conway street once we have passed.
Drove T2 last week, and hopefully will do next week too. We don't know when we'll move onto the Volvo's yet, but we're not in too much of a hurry. Learning to walk before running.