Monday, 4 June 2007

To New Beginnings...

To new beginnings I begin to walk,
they seem so far and distant yet,
I know that step for step I can make it there.
Danger, fear and difficulties threaten me,
but dreams and hope determine me.
History shows that some turn back,
others leave and don't come back.
Yet others go and walk every track.
I set for me just a single road.
Not big and grand, or long and straight.
I simply want what life can bring,
to a man and his wife, bound by their wedding rings.
Just life and love, a home with kids.
Camping trips and happy memories.
To holidays, first school days and rainy days.
It is to this I turn my face,
some like it hot, but I do not.
Life to me should simply be,
just me and my happy family.
So from today in this place,
which carries a dull grey face,
I turn to walk to a new beginning...

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