Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Just before Midnight thoughts when I am too tired to sleep.

I find myself sitting somewhere in-between Wednesday and Thursday, my laptop has just crashed again, my desktop has a new anti-virus program installed and I have achieved my highest marks so far in a mock test for my next exam. My wife is soundly asleep and as beautiful as ever but my herb garden is still not growing like it should, while the 'living salad' appears to not want to live. Why is it that I can look after a garden in the ground but not after plants in pots? I am supposed to have grown up on a farm, I should be able to do this stuff. Droopy chives seem to reflect some of the feelings inside me. I know I should be standing up straight and tall with a strong flavour that can be used to make things better, but sometimes I feel too thin and tired, and like I just cannot cope. But this is my new online journal that will help me to show myself and the cynical world out there that anything can be conquored.
"Do not lose hope, for once hope is lost, all is lost." I do not know who said that first, but it is a good motto that I believe in.
I am not small, even though I sometimes feel small.

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