Friday, 6 April 2007

Dreams or reality. I guess it's up to me in the end.

So today is a holiday, and so is Monday next week, which means we have a four day weekend, or a paid holiday/vacation for those who think of it as such. It is also a time where I hope to catch up on all those things I have neglected in the last few weeks. I might also add that my wife now wishes to move to Greece. Which is fine by me if I can get a well paying job. But I somehow think it will never happen. Even though it would be a dream come true for me too.
I find that like most people on earth I dream dreams which are great and majestic, and in reality are not really such huge pipe dream impossibilities. It is just that I become overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the prospect of achiving my dreams. I have realised that after losing my livelihood and having to rebuild a life and living from scratch in a strange country with different customs, that the world is really out there for the taking.
I wish my Dad had taught me this lesson. I feel that I would have been much more of a success if I had known this fact rather than have to learn it the hard way. I now know that after my studies are complete and I have a year or two's practical experience, I can go work in virtually any country in the world that will grant me a work permit. Which means that the possibility of wishful thinking becoming true exists. I can experience an alligator in my swimming pool in Florida, or go scuba diving in Belize after work, or go walking through cities with centuries of history in europe.
If I look back, experience might be pointing me in this way of thinking, but the penny is just not quite dropping yet.
Which now has me thinking; both my wife and myself miss the sunny and warm climate we were made to abandon for a less balmy one. And we do wish to return to one, any one anywhere. But small thinking is hampering us. The type of small thinking that makes people see or experience something they have never seen or experienced before, like a better way of life, or an easier way of accomplishing something, and then after hours of thinking about it just abandoning it because of percieved obstacles.
I have only just realised that pretty damn near all of my obstacles are percieved ones.
Which means that I need to focus my thoughts and actions on how to see through these invisible walls. Because once I do, I can find the little stepping stones that will lead to my dreams.
So now my thoughts are not on what it must be like to wake up in Greece and live in such a beautiful place, but on how long my studies will still take, which will lead to my qualification, which could lead to a work permit, which could lead to a move to Greece for my wife and I, which would mean that we get to walk down those beaches in the postcards.
Simple this thing of changing my point of view.
It probably makes all the difference in the world.

So now its back to me and my four days of studying!!!!

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